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Posted By Ecommerce Exchange on 05/03/2018 in Ecommerce

How Much Money Does It Take to Start a Dropshipping Business?

If you’re thinking of getting starting a business with an online store, you might be wondering how much money you need for startup costs until your business picks up. 

When you start a business with an Oberlo dropshipping store, there are certain expenses that you can’t avoid, such as your monthly Shopify subscription.

But there are plenty of ways that you can save money when you’re starting a dropshipping business. 

Choosing a free theme, using free logo makers, and writing your product descriptions yourself are all great tactics to cut your costs when you’re launching an ecommerce store.

In this video, we’ll touch on the budget that we recommend for beginning ecommerce entrepreneurs who are starting a business. 

At the end of this Q&A, you’ll be armed with the information that you need to make the best decisions as you start your own business. 

How much money did it take to start your dropshipping business? 

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