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UPayCard Reviews

Submitted by Taylor on Tuesday, Apr 09, 2019

SCAM! Beware of this company

Overall Rating

They will never verify you documents , they will make you upload them over and over . With no intentions to ever approve them support is a joke and just keep you uploading documents even though they all match and are the proper documents.

They will never let you get your money. kiss it goodbye.

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Never use this service

My money has been held up for months with upay,,im finally giving up , I don't have any more documents to send nothing is ever good enough to pass verification lesson learned

Submitted by Sunshine Operations Llc on Tuesday, Dec 04, 2018

UPayCard is the worst service I've ever used...

At first they want photos of your passport and utility bill. Okay, that wasn't suspicious so I sent them.

Then if you want to load money from your card you'll need to verify it:
1) a mini-deposit less than $1
2) photos of both sides of your card + a written consent
You can't do anything with UPayCard account so believe me you'll send it too.

The most interesting is that different people from their support team want different things from you: some of them are sure that you don't need to send all documents, the others are saying the opposite. Eventually you lose your time and wait, wait, wait as their Department in Charge constantly "doesn't work now so you'll receive a message from us in 3(!) business days."

Finally they let you load your money and begin to demand other documents: your selfie, a bank account, etc.

Now I'm simply sure that they're just IDENTITY THIEVES! They want your data, your money, your personality! AVOID THEM!!!

Submitted by Michael Arthur on Friday, Nov 23, 2018


UPaycard ..... criminals in search of ID to store for criminal purposes ?
I uploaded high quality documents, they asked me to upload again, I signed up another 5 cards providers the same days, all my documents approved and verified... I didn't uploaded the documents again. They clearly are a bunch of ugly thugs and scammers .

Submitted by Nev on Thursday, Aug 23, 2018

horrible scammers

this company rejects all legitimate verification documents without legitimate reasons, its a scam where they try to keep your money. be warned! steer clear of them! support do not understand english.

Submitted by Mike on Thursday, Jan 11, 2018

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