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Pricing and Subscription FAQ

Welcome to ALL EC Commerce Exchange

Our members are companies, organizations, associations and independent professionals that specialize in, and provide, ebusiness and technology products and services.

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions for prospective members.

How is my membership payment processed?
ALL EC uses Stripe to process credit card payments. Please visit our payment processing information page for more information.

Can I make payments through PayPal or a company check?
Not at this time. However, we do accept all major credit and debit cards.

How can I change my payment method?
To manage your payment method, login to your member account. On the left panel of the dashboard select Account > Billing Details.

Does ALL EC use my information for any purposes other than providing the services described?
Please refer to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy pages for a complete description of our policies and how we use the information we collect.

How can I upgrade or downgrade my subscription level?
Login to your member account. On the left panel of the dashboard select
Account > Membership Level.

How can I cancel my subscription?
Login to your member account. On the left panel of the dashboard select
Account > Membership Level. Follow the link that says "Close My Account".

If I discontinue my paid membership, will my listing be deleted?
Paying members can always downgrade to a Basic/free membership, which has much fewer features but preserves their listing. Any member can close their account and thereby delete their listing whenever they like.

What's the difference between search result tiers?
Search result tiers refer to the priority that membership levels appear in search query results on ALL EC. Elite members appear first (Tier 1), Pro members appear second (Tier 2) and Basic members appear third (Tier 3).

How does ALL EC generate leads?
Leads are generated in the form of inquiries from users who view your company profile and choose to send you a message.

Unlimited leads are included at no additional charge for paid members. Paid members receive leads at the email address they register at ALL EC. There is also a notification section in the member dashboard where new leads arrive and can be managed. 

ALL EC notifies Basic members via a system-generated email that a lead has arrived. The Basic member then has the option to accept or decline the lead. Accepted leads are delivered when payment is made to ALL EC.

Additionally, the ALL EC Get Matched system will notify members when ALL EC receives a direct inquiry from a user that is a good fit with a member's product or service offering.

What is the process for publishing articles and events?
Members with publishing privileges can self-publish articles and events. Navigate to the Blog Posts or Events link on the left panel of your Member dashboard to create, edit and manage your posts.

Where do published articles and events appear?
All articles, infographics knowledge base documents, company news and other content created by members appear in the Blog section of ALL EC. They also appear in the Blog Post section of the member's listing. All published events appear in the Events section of ALL EC and the Events section of the member’s listing.

The newest articles and event posts from all members appear on the home page of ALL EC.

If my company has multiple divisions, can I get a listing for each product line?
Yes. However, currently a separate email address must be used to register and manage each location. Another option is to list additional information about your other divisions or locations in the About section of your listing.

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