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Posted By Adeptia Inc. on 03/15/2019 Near Technology
Make Business Data Onboarding Better by 10x with Large File Data Ingestion and Streaming

Make Business Data Onboarding Better by 10x with Large File Data Ingestion and Streaming

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Large volume of data is an old adversary of data integration and onboarding solutions. Enterprises relying on sub-par data exchange technology can barely handle files more than 1 GB, which is abominably low per today’s standards.

Moreover, they consume a fair amount of money, time, and effort to process and utilize the massive influx of data reliably. Current solutions comprise of hardware appliances that are expensive and hard to maintain.

With Adeptia’s latest innovation of large file data ingestion, tackling massive data processing and managing data lakes has become easier than ever before. What’s better is that our large file ingestion capability is not just related to Big Data use-cases.

With our large file data ingestion & Streaming, you can

  • Parse
  • Process
  • Transform
  • Deliver

mission-critical files of 10s to 100s of GBs and data sets both flat and hierarchical in a normalized format with ease and precision sans the need for relying on any specialized custom code or hardware appliance.

Attend this webinar to know more about one-of-a-kind large data file data ingestion and streaming feature of our scalable, fully managed, simple, fault-tolerant, easy-to-set-up solution that is helping enterprises deal with large-sized data to gain a competitive edge over others.


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