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Posted By:  Ecommerce Exchange on 11/13/2017 in Marketing

What Is the Best Time of Day to Post on LinkedIn?

What Is the Best Time of Day to Post on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn caters to business users. That’s why it’s generally best to post content between the hours of 9am and 5pm in the time zone you'd like to reach.

Marketers who target the entire continental United States can stretch the 9am to 5pm span by 3 more hours to account for the time differences in the 4 time zones in the continental U.S.

Since LinkedIn has a global user base, these same principles should be applied globally if you need to reach people, or you are located, outside the U.S.

Best Days of the Week

For content marketers and businesspeople looking to take this dayparting strategy a step further, LinkedIn's own studies have found that the optimal days to post content on the B2B social network are Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

The same studies revealed that early morning, lunchtime and early evening are recommended time slots, along with the perennial favorite of B2B marketers: the 10am to 11am hour.

This 2-minute video offers more advice on how to increase your exposure on, and referring traffic from, blog posts on LinkedIn.

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Which days and times posting on LinkedIn have yielded your best results?

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