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Posted By ECT News Network on 02/27/2019 in CRM

The 5 Most Surprising Customer Service Trends of 2019

The 5 Most Surprising Customer Service Trends of 2019

By Yaniv Masjedi 

Excellent customer service, amazing customer service, above-and-beyond customer service.

The most successful companies know that top-shelf service is no longer a nice-to-have; it is critical to compete in today’s marketplace. In 2008, when Tomas Gorny cofounded Nextiva, he wanted to bring innovation to an industry (phone service) that hadn’t seen much positive transformation since it was incepted.

In addition to offering a significant upgrade to the products on the market at that time, he and his founding team (including myself) were also dedicated to creating a new standard for customer service in the industry. We even trademarked the term "Amazing Service," and live by the principles of doing right by our customers every day.

In our quest to constantly improve, we compiled a list of the biggest customer service trends of 2019.

Here are a handful that stood out to me:

Expectations Are Way Up

In the age of Amazon, Uber and Netflix, 59 percent of customers have higher service expectations than they did just a year ago. This is fascinating.

Companies must compete with a superior level of service to gain attention and adoration of customers. Without maintaining that level of service, they risk losing customers to a competitor. Today’s customers are less and less brand-loyal; instead they show loyalty to the company that treats them the best.

Personalization Is a Minimum Requirement

Accenture reports that 33 percent of customers abandon business relationships because of lack of personalization. Cutting down a client list by one-third can be disastrous for a business’ bottom line and employee morale. This statistic is a good reminder to audit how you reach out and respond to customers. The more personalized you can be, the better.

At Nextiva, we’ve increased personalization by recording custom thank you videos. We post them as replies to customers’ positive social media posts (you can see some of our videos here) and have seen our customer engagement skyrocket.

Kindness Is Everything

It pays to be kind during every interaction. An American Express report found that 68 percent of customers believe the key to good service is a polite customer service representative.

This comes down to comprehensive training and employee autonomy. The more customer service representatives feel empowered to make things right, the more quickly problems will get solved.

It also helps when companies empower employees to approach their jobs with an entrepreneurial spirit. Businesses that encourage team members to speak up with ideas and suggestions are more poised to thrive than those with closed internal cultures.

Happy Customers Spend More Money

Our founder, Tomas Gorny, often tells us that money is just a side effect of providing value. I also believe this to be true. Happy customers are proven to spend more money. In fact, 52 percent of customers make additional purchases after positive customer service experiences, according to a report by Dimensional Research.

Think back to the last time you had an exceptionally good customer service experience. Did you end up buying more than you originally intended? Most likely the answer was yes.

This statistic says it all: The better your customer service, the healthier your bottom line.

Retain Customers With Quick Responses

A surprising 67 percent of customer churn is preventable if companies resolve issues the first time they happen. In my opinion, this would not have been a statistic just 10 years ago. Back then, customers purchased goods/services largely based on brand loyalty and past shopping experiences.

That is no longer the case. Today’s customers know their options, talk openly on social media and review sites about their service experiences, and word travels fast.

Providing amazing customer service has never been more important. Customer service that exceeds expectations is no longer an option, but an essential component of success.

About the Author
Yaniv Masjedi is CMO of Nextiva.

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