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Posted By Adeptia Inc. on 10/12/2018 in Technology

Social Media Integration: Unleashing Synergistic Potential with iPaaS

Social Media Integration: Unleashing Synergistic Potential with iPaaS

Social media integration is a multi-nuanced effort which takes hard work to get right. The tricky operational part is establishing a smoother symbiosis between multiple channels and touch points -- and aligning them with marketing objectives. 

Enterprises face difficulties in navigating through the uncanny verisimilitude of applications to reach customers at the right time. Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) is the right solution to address these challenges. 

What is iPaaS?

iPaaS is a set of automated tools that connects software applications that are deployed in different environments. These tools enable enterprises to recognize a unified interaction center to cover an array of social channels, boost business loyalty, and improve social media engagement. iPaas gives enterprises a drift-to-drive approach for engaging target audiences and developing more meaningful relations.

Blowbacks of Fragmented Social Channels

Today’s customers are informed. They expect a unique feeling and personalized experience while interacting with brands on social channels. Enterprises with a fragmented social media strategy can be overwhelmed by their intensifying barrage of demands. Customers detract if an enterprises’ Twitter and Facebook account have different offerings, i.e., discount coupons, rates, etc.

Another relevant challenge is traversing through the multitude of channels, and being where the target audience is at all times. This is a big problem faced by e-commerce giants that have a robust computational setup. Differentiated social architectures cannot be socially enabled for delivering a truly digital experience. Extracting information about what customers are saying about the brand and reaching them on time can become a fraught business when a customer base cannot be segmented for identifying brand advocates or disgruntled customers.

All the investment falls into the abyss if an enterprise fails to deliver a single consistent message across all channels. Enterprises cannot manage and monitor all interactions, gather customer data, and leverage it in an efficient way. It can be an uphill task to measure the performance of content delivered on social channels, view click rates, and take preventive actions.

What are Digital Leaders Doing Differently?

Digital leaders like Amazon, Netflix, Starbucks, etc., have created an intelligent mesh to integrate multiple social channels with their enterprise applications and transform them from the inside out. By sending the right content to the right audience, Amazon is getting more than 300,00 clicks per second. LinkedIn and Netflix are extracting details from the social channels and reshaping their products from a business standpoint. They are restructuring their products by understanding customer behavior and making code updates to their products several times a day.

They are doing this seamlessly with the help of top-to-bottom technology integration. From a business standpoint, this means multi-channel integration to communicate with the target audience. They are eliminating cross-team silos existing across different teams and social channels and aligning them with business objectives. Their social channels are integrated with social channels in a way that leads can be smoothly converted from a lead to the conversion stage.

Enigma or Riddle: Can iPaaS Integrate Social Media Channels?

iPaaS has a rock solid use case for social media integration as well. Modern-day iPaaS platforms provide a high-level of integration of differentiated architectures, technologies, and structuring processes within an organization. Teams can facilitate a simple path for the lead to the conversion process. With the help of fully automated provisioning, they can define customer profiles and map customer journeys across different touch points.

This is a huge advantage from a business standpoint as teams get the ability to automate marketing flows and provide foundational support to their social media strategies. A single "central command" allows marketing teams to tag all interactions with key attributes that can be leveraged for future campaigns. For instance, they can integrate social channels with Salesforce Marketing Cloud to leverage customer insights.

The entire stack of marketing technologies can be automated with institutional knowledge. In this way, customer journeys can be optimized and fused with the interactions that occurred on social media. This data can be harnessed for planning campaigns, improving customer personas, and touch points. With all of these advantages, the marketing strategy has more throughput to succeed.


iPaaS can help enterprises to establish connections between social media channels and enterprise applications which are thrice as strong as conventional point-to-point integrations. Pre-built connectors help users to combine third-party applications with social engagement channels without the need to write a single line of code. 

Business users get the ability to manage all codes from a single interface. Marketers can retrieve posts from social media channels and map them to an enterprise system like SAP Customer Relationship Management (SAP CRM). This ability simplifies follow-ups, service requests, etc. Similarly, marketing, sales, and customer relations teams can work as a single team to reduce response rates from days to only a few hours.

The benefits of iPaaS to social media integration are worth a closer look to provide a balanced approach to managing marketing campaigns and improving brand visibility -- and to help companies access many business benefits downstream.

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