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Posted By:  ECT News Network on 10/18/2017 in Analytics

Retailers Grapple to Capture In-Store Data

Retailers Grapple to Capture In-Store Data

Most retailers don't have the in-store technology to view customer information across various touchpoints, suggests a new study from Kibo, "Technologies That Are Changing How We Think of Brick and Mortar."

Fifty-eight percent of retailers who participated in the study, released last week, acknowledged they did not have that capability.

The study was based on questions posed to 115 retail executives during an on-site benchmarking session at the Future Stores 2017 conference.

Based on its findings, it appears that a majority of businesses currently are unable to automate shoppers' information on mobile devices or kiosks while they are present in their stores.

"In order to provide a seamless omnichannel experience to consumers, retailers must have a complete picture of all consumer activities, regardless of buying channel," said Kibo CMO Tushar Patel.

"Nothing is more frustrating to a consumer than a retailer who has blind spots [about] their activity," he told the E-Commerce Times.

Room To Improve

Many retailers have been using a wide range of technologies to capture more personalized data from their customers, according to the report.

Eighty-two percent of participants said they used mobile devices and tablets, 76 percent used kiosks, 41 percent used mobile point-of-sale devices, 26 percent used Bluetooth low-energy beacon technologies, and 19 percent used near-field communication.

However, 64 percent of retailers felt they were only somewhat effective at capturing in-store data on customer preferences.

Only 42 percent of retailers said they had the in-store technologies to view customer data across a variety of touchpoints.

Personalization Top Priority

Another key in-store technology retailers have been adopting is personalization.

Fifty-two percent of participating retailers planned to invest in personalization technologies within the next 12 months or already had begun to implement the strategy.

However, 22 percent of retailers said they had not begun to personalize and were not sure if they had the capacity to do so.

Read more about how retailers are meeting the needs of omnichannel commerce and analysts' remarks in the entire article on the E-Commerce Times.

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