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Posted By:  Ecommerce Exchange on 01/03/2019 in SEO

New Search Tool Seeks to Evolve the Search Paradigm

New Search Tool Seeks to Evolve the Search Paradigm

By Paul J. Krupin 

Presari is an innovative new search tool that creates new opportunities for both seekers of information and those who wish to be found. Presari is a specialized search tool that operates like a TV remote control -- only you can select search engines instead of TV shows and stations on any topic.

It is a customizable website that can be used on a smartphone, laptop or desktop with access to the Internet. Presari helps people choose where their information comes from. You can flip channels to focus on the best sources fast.

Presari lets you choose search engines by topic. For example, with a click you can turn on this unique new shopping search tool that searches over 40 of the top name brands. Here is a shared Presari search on the Best Gifts for Kids.

You enter a keyword and then just click on an icon and voila, the search results open for you. Beats going to the mall!

You can search common search engines like Google and Bing, social media like Facebook and Twitter, news search media from all over the world, and specialty search engines by category.

You can enter whatever you want, of course, and go right to the retailer you choose.

You can customize what you see from over 1,500 hand-selected sources. More are being added, based on the quality of the content and expertise of the contributors. The most current search engine list is here.

The implications are noteworthy.

Problems in Paradise

Searchers are seriously challenged and confounded by algorithm-derived results that are prioritized by layers of bidding war ads, SEO-manipulated results, social media popularity, and finally, the competition between relevant objective results somewhere down below. The lines separating these categories are not well defined. Getting the best information can be difficult and time-consuming.

Creative people and businesses who seek to be found are forced to compete for attention that goes with priority placement in an expensive world of SEO that changes daily and offers little confidence and few guarantees.

In late 1996, Google and other companies started selling search engine technology. In a few years, an Invisible Web was created -- a hidden network of websites that had their own search engine capabilities and offered access to media and libraries filled with contributions of high-quality creative works, data, information, and catalogs filled with products.

There are now thousands of topical websites, each occupying a specialized niche and catering to the distinguished interests of its target audience, and numerous types of search engines, including common search engines, news search engines, social search engines and specialty search engines.

And there are dozens of social media platforms available offering real-time access to conversations on every topic imaginable. Finding and leveraging the knowledge and connections available in these sources with the conventional search engines is difficult. Presari offers a new and better way.

The Power of Choice in Elearning

Presari has helpful features and functionality to speed up research, save time, and focus on keywords and topics that deliver significant intelligence and insights from trustworthy sources.

Presari comes with over a dozen Presets -- you click on a topic and the best search engines are available at your fingertips. You can flip channels in seconds and delve into the specialty search engines you select. It makes it easy to "Ask an Expert" and get answers from truly qualified people.

Presari searches can be saved as favorites to avoid retyping and reworking, and shared by email or social media.

It makes it easy to stay current on critical topics and deliver and even publish discoveries and breaking news to people in your network.

Search engine sources can be selected for a special given purpose, customized and saved for repeat use, then shared with people in teams or organizations to give others the ability to learn and grow rapidly.

Presari comes with over 100 keyword helpers -- clickable dropdown menus that operate like a restaurant menu for keyword development and selection. These are designed to facilitate and enable a purpose-driven education in topics that are critical to problem-solving, skills development, and targeted marketing to people and organizations. You can also create your own keyword helper lists.

Changes in How Shoppers Search and Learn

Presari changes the way people search by speeding up the acquisition of quality knowledge from trusted sources. The implications of the acceleration we are seeing in online learning are important. You learn how to get smarter faster if you choose to.

People are now learning more through the use of portable technologies than in any other way. You need to get with it and be there now in order to be part of it.

You need to get into a new modus operandi – "Elearning to the Max."

People are always shopping for something, and more people are researching on the fly on their portable devices. They search on problem-solving questions like "where can I, how to, and what is the best ... ."

They look for products, services, answers, and helpful guidance. They look at articles, news media, photos, graphics, infographics, videos, insights from experts, and yes -- social media to see reviews and performance specifications.

They care less about price than they do about what other people are saying, the trustworthy reputation and reliability of the sources, people, and organizations they buy from. They pay close attention to people who are just like them and who are a part of a tribe like them.

Presari helps you find them and figure out what turns them on.

Discover Opportunities in Real Time Continuously

Presari is a real-time elearning machine -- best utilized by recognizing that knowledge creates opportunity. Only you must take action in order to make things happen.

You don't need to pay to play. You don't need to compete for the first page of the search results. You don't need to focus on metrics that don't matter.

You need to shine. You need to play to get paid. You need to make art. You need to create exceptional experiences. You need to educate, inspire, explain, and help people. You do not need to sell.

You need to identify who your key people are, go where your key people are, and learn how to communicate with them in a way that contributes to their well-being with respect so they trust you.

You need to identify the minimally sustainable groups and pools of people that you can reach and impress with what you can do.

You need to expose yourself daily to the best things your employees, customers, and competitors are doing, and then bring those things into your world.

In order to achieve rapid learning, rapid experimentation and effective deployment, you can use the following two techniques: The Three C's and The Three I Technique.

First focus on "The Three C's":

  • Content (What)
  • Connections (Who)
  • Communications (How)

Instead of hoping for a miracle with big data and AI-driven answers to the questions "what do people search on," focus on finding your people, learning what they are really thinking and saying when they make their critical decisions, and how to really turn them on.

Pay really close attention to the emotions that occur at the most inspiring moments.

You cannot totally automate this process. You must personalize the experience and shine in ways that drive caring, and that demonstrate generosity, outstanding performance, excellence, and delivery of what you do best.

And sometimes human intelligence is needed to make the finer emotional connections and deploy value-optimized decisions that artificial intelligence won't reveal.

Focus on what people are saying about the products and services they actually buy and experience. You want to fully grasp the elements they declare to be exemplary in front of others.

Second, use the 3 I Technique:

  • Identify Success
  • Imitate Success
  • Innovate it and Do It Your Way.

You do this fast -- on the fly in real time. Your goal is to be better. Your goal is to improve what you do.

You can dramatically improve all your marcom and systems before, during and after the sale. And yes, you can also improve your products, services, reports, strategies, research, management and leadership.

People Are Your Best Force Multipliers

Realize that you may be astounded and even overwhelmed at the changes in the world that you find are occurring.

You may have thought you understood your market only to find out that it has changed and is more diversified beyond your comprehension.

Things change every minute of every day. You must accept this, and the uncertainties that abound, and embrace the reality.

You can leverage this by dividing up the topic areas and letting your people (employees and consumers) indulge in what they love and are wild about. Give them the power of knowledge and the capability to explore, excel, and connect in the communities you find consumers.

Make a plan and simplify your goals to identify the simple things to do. Keep your action plan short and doable. Help people and point them in the right direction to help others.

Feed them what they love, wind them up, set them free. Monitor and challenge them to aspire and achieve.

Focus on doing just the important things. Even just one thing at a time can make the difference.

Build and Utilize Purpose-Driven Keyword Strategies

Start with a list of your keywords and pick the most important one. If you are an engineer or a scientist, or a nonfiction book author, use a <topic & genre> + <an action or a process>.

Then add the keyword "emotion" and enter the words at www.presari.com.

Study the results and read with a pen in your hand. Identify actions that can help you improve.

Learn what inspires people the most and capture those ideas and bring them home.

General Search Engines

First, search the general search engines. At Google and Bing, look at the top results and then switch from text to the images and the videos. Then, at each site, use the time tools to select the most recent posts and identify who is active in real time.

In particular, zero in on the best and the most distinctive.

You will see who is on top. But you will also see where the edges are, and who occupies them.

Most important -- you will see the gaps. The gaps are either unoccupied or are poorly occupied.

The gaps represent the opportunities. Get your people to fill the gaps. Be first or be better.

News Media Search Engines

Next go back to Presari and flip to the news media. Study the most recent news coverage and see who is making waves in society. What are they doing that garners the best coverage?

Realize that the articles you see today represent each publisher's best efforts and most current formula for success.

And if you want to be there, you need to create and deliver the right critical content to them so that it looks like it belongs there without any money being spent to publish it. Use the 3 I Technique. Create articles that are ready to go.

Social Media Search Engines

Next go back to Presari and flip to the social media of your choice. Look at Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, MeetUp, or SlideShare, or whatever you choose. Look at the top posts. Then use the navigation tools to look at the most recent posts and then look again for the groups and organizations. You can see the quality of the posters and the size, focus and diversity of their audience instantly.

Find the people and organizations with the right types of people and followers. Look at the words, photos, and content they use to describe the magic that turns them on the most. Bring these elements home and integrate them into what you do.

Use the 3 I Technique to create the social media toolbox you and your people need to achieve effective immediate implementation with every opportunity discovered. No spam. No promotion. Pure superb-quality help, happiness and goodness. You can experience immediate gratification seeing the posts in real time and monitoring the effects.

Targeting with Geographic Keywords

Now add a geographic location like New York, NY, and study the results all over again. Use geographic location keywords when you search. Find the topical tribes. Identify the key local organizations and groups. Get in with them. Feed them what they love. Wind them up. Set them free. Then work through every top market location that matters to you.

You use the geographic <location keywords> in your content to drive the SEO results so you show up in the localized results when people search. Look for the places where high numbers of the right types of people show devout caring and interest in what you do. Then do your magic. Have your people do their magic. Turn them on.

Go Deep with the Specialized Search Engines

Now go back to Presari and focus on the specialized search engines. Pick a topic and get familiar with the movers and the shakers, most authoritative sites, and best sources of information. Do not aim at the masses and ignore the nonbelievers.

Focus on your tribes. Explore and leverage the amazing contributions and expertise of the organizations, libraries, and experts who have invested their lives sharing their knowledge.

Make things better for them by making and sharing better things. Never stop learning. Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

Use Metrics that Matter

Select metrics that you have active control over (time, people, money). Now add a quality element to each metric to identify where the best ROI really comes from. Study your creative content and identify the keywords -- particularly the emotions and sentiments that result in the greatest productivity.

In every case, seek to improve it. Develop design and deliver marcom content that dazzles, impresses and helps your people in ways they never imagined. Deliver value with every connection. Shine.

Learn how to be a valuable part of the culture and not be a commodity jerk. Realize that most of the decisions people make are made before the sales pitch.

Use Elearning to the Max

Spend some time researching online every day. Learn something new. Use the tools your people are using yourself -- use your desktop, use your laptop, use your smartphone.

Cultivate new habits, identify new connections, find people asking for help that you provide, define an action, and deliver value.

Presari saves time, improves your online learning, and brings new people and connections into your life.

You can place a Presari shortcut on your desktop, laptop or smartphone home screen. It's quick and easy to reach and operates on any device with a connection to the Internet.

Knowledge creates opportunity.

About the Author
Paul J. Krupin is the creator and founder of Presari. He is a former physical scientist and attorney, turned author, publicist and inventor. He has over 30 years of diverse professional government and industry experience in a variety of technology and project management disciplines at complex industrial, nuclear, waste management facilities. He is the President of Direct Contact PR and Imediafax -- the Internet to Media Fax Service and several other innovations. His books include Trash Proof News Releases, Words People Love to Hear, the Magic Search Words series, and the Search Word Pro series. He holds a U.S. Patent for "A Method and System for Creating Improved Search Queries." He lives on the crest of a hill overlooking the confluence of the Snake and Columbia rivers in eastern Washington.

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