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Posted By:  Ecommerce Exchange on 09/25/2017 in Marketing

Need to Up Your Account-Based Marketing Game?

Need to Up Your Account-Based Marketing Game?

Account-based marketing (ABM) has captured the attention of the marketing industry. A growing number of B2B marketers are including ABM as part of their overall marketing efforts because ABM delivers a higher ROI than any other approach. 

Marketers use ABM to identify key prospects and then tailor personalized programs and messages to the buying team at targeted accounts.

The success of account-based marketing is reflected in Aberdeen research which shows that 75% of customers prefer personalized offers.

Benchmark Study

A recent survey of professionals engaged in marketing and related activities at more than one hundred B2B technology and business service companies revealed the following data, recently released by the Information Technology Services Marketing Association and the ABM Leadership Alliance:

  • 35 percent of ABM marketers implemented more than one type of ABM;
  • 63 percent of the high performers implemented at least two types;
  • 71 percent of all ABM marketers planned to scale their programs in the next 12 months;
  • 67 percent planned to adopt a blended approach to do so;
  • 87 percent of ABM implementers said it provided higher ROI than any other type of marketing; and
  • Strong majorities among the respondents said ABM drove improvements in reputation, relationships and revenue -- the "Three Rs" of strategic marketing.

Planning for ABM

There are five steps B2B marketers should focus on when developing an ABM program, according to Cindy Zhou, principal analyst at Constellation Research:

  • Setting joint objectives with sales and service;
  • Identifying target accounts and contacts;
  • Determining how best to organize the accounts;
  • Launching cross-channel campaigns; and
  • Discovering actionable insights from analytics.

The key factors to consider are resource limitations "and the process of training marketers to operate these technologies. Start small with a pilot program," she advised in an article on CRM Buyer.

"Marketing can't run ABM alone," Zhou noted. "Companies need to look at aligning marketing, sales and service for a holistic account-based strategy for the best results."

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