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Posted By:  ECT News Network on 08/26/2017 in Marketing

Marketing Automation Industry Still Evolving

Marketing Automation Industry Still Evolving

Act-On Software has released its State of B2B Marketing report.

As reported by CRM Buyer, the Portland, Oregon-based provider of marketing automation tools commissioned Econsultancy to conduct research that included a survey of more than 350 marketing professionals in the United States and Europe.

The results of the study indicate that B2B marketing automation still has a long way to go. 

For example, only 51 percent of respondents said the CMO or equivalent took a keen interest in marketing automation, and just 37 percent said the issue got executive support outside the marketing department.

Other key findings include:

  • Only 27 percent of the respondents strongly agreed that marketing automation had resulted in increased contributions to the pipeline. Forty-nine percent somewhat disagreed, and 20 percent strongly disagreed.
  • Twenty-four percent of respondents strongly agreed that marketing automation was delivering ROI, while 55 percent somewhat agreed that it was, and 18 percent somewhat disagreed.
  • Twenty-four percent strongly agreed that they were more efficient because of marketing automation. Fifty-eight percent somewhat agreed, and 13 percent somewhat disagreed.
  • Thirty-seven percent agreed they were using marketing automation to its fullest capacity, while 38 percent say they somewhat agreed that they were, and 23 percent somewhat disagreed.

Marketing automation's low adoption rate is due in part to CMOs in certain industries -- such as manufacturing, higher education and financial services -- not being familiar with it, suggested Paige Musto, Act-On's senior director of corporate marketing.

CMOs in such industries "just need to be further educated on the benefits of marketing automation over email service providers," she told CRM Buyer.

Steep Learning Curve

Marketing automation "is a rapidly evolving industry," noted Meg Columbia-Walsh, CEO of Wylei.

"Many businesses and senior level executives are struggling to keep up," she told CRM Buyer.

"As companies begin to fully utilize what's available, they are looking for partners like Wylie to guide them through the learning curve," Columbia-Walsh said.

"It's crucial for the business to support the CMO and vice versa," noted Tom Frommack, COO of ePurchasing Network.

Buy-in for marketing automation should come from both the sales and marketing departments, Act-On's Musto said, because it "directly contributes and impacts the workflow, processes, and outputs of both departments."

Ease Into the Process

Companies must understand the marketing automation landscape and the vendors, and "truly do their due diligence to ensure the system they bring on is the right fit and purpose-built for their size company," Musto cautioned.

"The survey found there are only three areas where more than half [of respondents] are using marketing automation," she noted.

Those areas -- email, Web forms and landing pages -- are "the more basic functions," according to Musto, and "can point to a potential misalignment between system, strategy and skillset."

You can read more about marketing automation and suggested strategies for implementation in the complete article on CRM Buyer.

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