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Posted By:  ECT News Network on 08/26/2017 in Enterprise Software

Infographic: How Important Is CRM Today?

Infographic: How Important Is CRM Today?

The data presented in this recent Algoworks infographic suggests that many businesses are just now buying their first CRM solutions -- or changing vendors.

Another surprising statistic is that 43 percent of customers use less than half the features available in their CRM system.

The supporting data is sourced from firms and publications including Gartner, InsideCRM, Bluewolf, TechNewsWorld and Nucleus Research.

There's expanded analysis on this subject by CRM industry researcher Denis Pombriant in his column on CRM Buyer titled CRM Health Check.

Pombriant explains that based on this infographic there appears to be a lot of white space in the market, which suggests it's possible for some upstart to swoop in. However, the history of markets indicates they go in the other direction, settling into a "tri-opoly," and currently there are just a few more competitors than that.

 Infographic Credit: Algoworks

How Important Is CRM Today? | An Infographic

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