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Posted By:  IToris Inc on 12/05/2017 in Ecommerce

How to Take the Positives From Your Customers’ Feedback

How to Take the Positives From Your Customers’ Feedback

In the modern age, customers have great influence and power. When clients are handled well by a company, they will be more willing to share their positive experiences with friends, relatives and other people on the Web. That will in turn enhance the corporate image leading to more sales and revenue. And that’s all for no cost at all!

But what will happen if a company fails to satisfy its customers? In that case, some of them will be likely to express a complaint about the company with the hope of solving a problem or getting some sort of compensation. Others may even decide to go to that company’s direct competitor.

These facts lead us to an important conclusion. Every company should do their absolute best to handle customers’ complaints and general comments with care, no matter whether it is a problem with the product, employees, or internal processes. This is because the clients’ feedback will be a vital tool for improving its products and services as well as for preventing corresponding problems from occurring in the future.

Moreover, it is often the case that customers whose complaints are quickly handled and resolved may turn to loyal ones and might speak favorably about the whole brand. In other words, the ability to handle customer communication in a quick and efficient manner may become a very profitable part of the business.

Important points for analyzing your customer complaints

In order to take all the positive points from customer complaints, a company may decide to follow these steps:

1. Listen to the actual complaint and understand it

The customer has issued the complaint because he or she faced a problem which needs to be listened to and understood. Many clients often pay a greater deal of their attention to how well their complaints were understood rather than the speed they were dealt with. To make sure that the company’s support team handles all complaints on the highest possible level, it may need to introduce an intranet resource which could be based on the history of the complaints the company have worked on in the past.

2. When the problem is understood - make an acknowledgement and say “Sorry”

When the complaint is understood, it is important to acknowledge the problem and apologize. After all, everybody of us is a human being who is prone to make a mistake. Customers are well aware of that and are therefore likely to forgive a company and come back again if they hear the word “Sorry”.

Therefore, both the apology and a problem acknowledgement are important elements for turning customer complaints into a significant benefit.

3. Delegate more authority to your support team

In order to solve the customer’s problem both quickly and efficiently, it might be a good idea to empower your support team with all the authority for handling customers’ feedback. The obvious advantage realized from this decision will be faster processing time. Moreover, your customers would only have to deal with the company’s support team, therefore saving their time and nerves.

4. Stay in touch with the customer after the complaint is resolved

The next point in our list is staying in touch with the customer to make sure he or she is satisfied with the solution. At this stage, the company may take an advantage of follow up emails, customer feedback forms or simply a telephone call. What is important about this is that by making a follow-up, the company shows that the client’s satisfaction is highly important and valued.

5. Give customers something extra they did not initially expect

After you complete all of the steps described above, it might be a good time to offer your customers something special which can exceed their initial expectations. In the case of a software product, this may be an early access to your newly released product. As the result of that, when mentioning the company’s brand name, this extra satisfaction might very well be the most discussed thing the customer would be talking about.

6. User’s comments. Pay attention to what they say online!

When it comes to customer satisfaction, another important point to be kept in mind is that not every customer will come to your office and issue a complaint. Many of them may express their opinions via social media channels, forums, blogs and comparison websites due to the latter’s convenience and popularity. If not dealt with both quickly and property, such information may cause a huge pain for your company’s profitability and success. Therefore, every single company should process their customers’ feedback both reactively and proactively.

The latter approach may involve monitoring media channels the customers might be active on. This may be a company’s blog, Facebook/Twitter/Google My Business pages, YouTube channel, thematically relevant forums and comparison sites. When spotting the customer’s comment on the Web, whether a positive or negative one, the important thing is to demonstrate a reaction showing that the comment is both valued and understood. Spending just some of your time on the proactive complaint handling process will help the company turn the first-time customer into a loyal one.

Ensuring an efficient communication with your customers on Magento

Dealing with customer complaints is a continuous process. In order to monitor and handle comments, questions and complaints, it is important to have customer service software. If you are a Magento store owner hoping for a more efficient communication with your clients, take a look at one of the Magento 2 Product Questions and Answers extensions available on the Web. By listening to customers’ positive and negative feedback, you will make a positive contribution towards turning them into your regular purchasers who will spread a positive word about the business to their friends/relatives and the virtual world around them.

Magento 2 Product Questions and Answers Extension

Magento 2 Product Questions and Answers Extension

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