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Posted By:  ECT News Network on 01/03/2020 in CRM

How to Overcome Every Salesperson's Sunday Scaries

How to Overcome Every Salesperson's Sunday Scaries

By Gustavo Bianco 

Regardless of position, tenure, or experience, all salespeople experience times of doubt or uncertainty when they may question their skills -- we've all been there. 

Letting those doubts linger for too long can put you in a slump that leads to "Sunday scaries," a sense of dread when the weekend comes to an end and you're faced with anxiety about the upcoming work week. It's important to determine the underlying issues and fears that cause this state of mind so you can address them, overcome them, and accomplish your next sales goal.

Here are three common fears that salespeople encounter and advice for combating each one. Use the weekend for self-reflection and begin your next week of work revitalized, confident, and ready to take on the week -- no Sunday scaries here!

The Pressure to Perform

There's a ton of pressure in sales, and most comes from the internal pressures we put on ourselves. As salespeople, we don't always know how much money we'll make month to month. 

This pressure and fear goes beyond just reaching a quota, and can impact everything from providing for your family, to whether you can get a loan for a new house, or even if you can cover the month's bills. However, there are ways to combat this ultimate Sunday scary.

First, remember that sales requires consistency and persistence -- few hit their sales quota in one day. Take a hard look at your day-to-day activities and be honest with yourself. Are you doing enough to drive a sale? Do you have enough leads? Are you able to qualify those leads and pursue the strongest ones? 

A good CRM tool can help salespeople identify and move leads through the pipeline. A great CRM can give you visibility into the right time to take action. Ultimately, using a CRM tool can help you forecast better, offering much more visibility into how much money you'll earn at the end of the month. 

The Fear of Rejection

This fear is real for all of us, both in our personal and professional lives. Yet when we decided to make sales our profession, we knew that 80 percent of our job would be rejection. 

It's important that salespeople remember that hearing "no" is a time saver! It's better than a "maybe," which can send you chasing someone who is not interested in buying and completely wastes your time. You can also use a "no" to find out why a prospect might not be interested and learn from it.

In today's social media-driven world, there's also the added fear of a mistake becoming public. I talk with a number of salespeople who are more cautious now than ever -- worried that they might do something wrong that could end up in a viral tweet with their own and their company's reputation at stake. 

Overcoming a mistake can be just as easy as overcoming rejection -- it's about transparency, honesty, and trying to make the wrong right. Don't ever be defensive, dismissive, or afraid to escalate. Own the mistake and remind yourself that you are human. You didn't just wake up one morning and decide to ruin an opportunity for you or your company. 

Knowing When to Say No

From fear of rejection… to rejecting. Salespeople must learn to identify the signs of a deal that isn't going to close and learn when to say no. It's about knowing your sales cycle in and out, asking the right questions, and learning your sales velocity. Understanding these factors will allow you to know when to pull the trigger and when it doesn't make sense for your bottom line.

If your sales cycle is 45 days, but you're dealing with a company that's taking six months to make a decision, you're wasting precious time. Instead, focus on closing deals that respect your sales cycle. 

That doesn't mean you're removing that longer-to-close lead from your list forever -- you're just moving your energy and efforts elsewhere. Get comfortable saying no. A good salesperson is quick to put leads that aren't hot on the backburner.

Recognizing your day to day fears and biggest uncertainties is the first step in overcoming them. Spending time determining your weaknesses is a valuable step in living up to your potential becoming the strongest salesperson you can be.

About the Author
Gustavo Bianco is Global Manager of Customer Success at Pipedrive.

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