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Posted By:  IToris Inc on 12/05/2017 in Ecommerce

How to Effectively Grow Your Business From Start to Finish

How to Effectively Grow Your Business From Start to Finish

One of the most popular questions often being asked by many online store owners is how to effectively grow their businesses online. 

This article will highlight some of important secrets of nurturing a business which are being used by many companies across the Globe.

1. Be patient and work hard on promoting and growing your business

Nowadays, there are millions of customers who might be potentially interested in your products or services and over thousands of companies fighting to get their attention.

Opening your new online business is just like founding a traditional company in that it involves a lot of hard work to get things going. First, there are a good amount of activities to be done for promoting your website within Google and other search engines. Second, when customers finally arrive to your store, they have to be treated with the best possible products or services you can possibly offer. Therefore, opening and promoting your online store requires both patience and hard work. The more time and effort you invest in both of those activities, the better your results will be. You should keep doing your best even if those tasks seem to be impossible to accomplish. As once said by Matshona Dhliwayo “Today's tears water tomorrow's gardens.”

2. Decide on the best market to operate in.

One of the first and most important questions a store owner should ask is what kind of product or service he or she should be selling. Performing some market research and identifying a niche to be focused on might give you an answer. On the one hand, an obvious advantage of entering a small sized market is a smaller amount of competitors a new business would need to deal with. But on the other, there will obviously be a lesser chance of capturing the attention of the potential customers you might have otherwise served your products or services to. Therefore, you will need to find a status quo between market size and the amount of customers to serve your products to.

To find this balance, try to tackle the niches where there will be a possibility to arrange an immediate product delivery to a local as well as international audience. Some of the good examples include online books and movies, music tracks, flight tickets and many other items. It is also a good idea to sell physical products which will not require an immediate customer delivery. But in that case, try including both time and costs for delivering this product either within a country or abroad.

3. Make your products noticeable and attractive.

As it was noted by one of the editors of the time.com magazine in 2015, modern Internet users have an attention span of just 8 seconds. Therefore, it is of a crucial importance for any store owner to make his product both instantly noticeable and attractive. As soon as the user sees it, he or she should be able to grab information about the product’s advantages in a matter of seconds. Therefore, to make the whole process easier, you should:

(a) Not require a user to register when they visit your website for the first time;

(b) Make your website’s navigation as convenient as possible. All the important elements should be directly accessible from the top of pages on your site;

(c) Only ask for information you really need. In addition to that, try to make the overall purchasing process easier. Having to deal with a need to enter a bunch of information and going through a lot of stages might cause frustration and lead to buyers abandoning the overall purchasing process.

(d) Try to imitate how a potential buyer might use your website, note possible drawbacks and make changes whenever necessary.

4. Work on the quality of your customer service.

As a well-known fact, one of the factors which often have a great influence on the customer’s buying decision is a quality of the customer service a company has to offer. People don’t like risk and want to be reassured that they would not be left disappointed in case anything would not work out. One way to convince them of the company’s high quality services is to offer a money back guarantee for a specified period of time.

Another possibility to enhance your company’s reputation is to demonstrate the security of your website. For example, provide evidence that the site has been verified by well-known antivirus companies such as Avast or Kaspersky. Moreover, when dealing with financial transactions, make sure you are running your site on secure server and have an HTTPS certificate.

Last but not least, if you are planning to sell a digital product, make sure that it can be delivered in a matter of seconds. As for the physical ones, it would be a good idea to introduce your customers to tracking their shipments in real time.

5. Invest money and time in promoting your business.

In order to stay in the contest against thousands of local and international competitors, enterprises are required to spend a lot of money and time.

Where might a potential customer find information about the products and services you offer? This may be done by:

a) Googling the terms and phrases closely related to your business and seeing the information in the form of organic or paid search results;

b) Reading about your company in thematically relevant forums or blogs;

c) Seeing your advertisements on some well-known social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn;

d) Reading your customers’ good and bad reviews on Capterra, Angie's List, Foursquare, Google Reviews and other similar resources.

What kind of information materials you can use for promoting your business? Some examples include relevant articles or posts on your company’s blog, and guest posts on other websites that your prospective customers often visit. The main idea for creating those articles is to educate your customers and get them to visit your site.

You can also invest both efforts and money by advertising your business on different search engines and their partnering sites with paid search advertising. If your business is targeting the European Union and North American regions, it might a great idea to start with Google Adwords due to Google’s reputation of being the most popular search engine there. But if your business operations also span across some of the countries of the former Soviet Union, including Russia, Ukraine and Belarus, consider working with both Google Adwords and Yandex Direct.

For analyzing your end results, take advantage of Google Analytics. It has a good reputation for being one of most trusted and popular web analytics tool in the today’s digital world.

Selling more products in your Magento store 

Let’s imagine another situation. You are the owner of the Magento online store. You’ve invested a lot of time and effort in building your business and manufacturing world-class products achieving a top position within the Google’s organic results. Your sales are constantly growing up but not at the level you were initially hoping for. What should you do next?

One of the methods you might want to follow in order to sell more is to arrange a promotion campaign for a particular group of products and apply various group bundle to them. Motivate your customers to buy more by combining different products with custom options and insert the respective promo sets in the specific places on your site.

When it comes to implementing this strategy, you may choose to do it either manually or with a help of an extension. From the variety of options which are currently available on the Web, take a look at the Magento 2 Grouped Promotions extension from ITORIS Inc. This add-on will help you create different promotion packages to offer wide product lines at best prices.

  Magento 2 Grouped Promotions Extension

Magento 2 Grouped Promotions Extension

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