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Posted By:  IToris Inc on 12/05/2017 in Ecommerce

How to Create an Effective Customer Feedback Form

How to Create an Effective Customer Feedback Form

Customer feedback is a great tool for any company. Clients’ opinions may give a valuable contribution towards the improvement of its products and their delivery as well as to provide a fundamental understanding about the people using them. Many companies are well aware of that. The actual problem preventing the collection of this valuable information is the fact that enterprises often fail to construct a good form, making it hard to provide proper feedback. Some companies are not collecting any feedback at all. 

To give a small contribution towards the improvement of the customer feedback collection process, here are the 7 characteristics of the effective feedback form which should be helpful in receiving more customer responses bringing you some additional leads to work with.

1. Design a form which will be easy to understand and use

The best performing feedback forms are easy to understand and use. They have clear instructions on the type of information a customer is asked to provide. Moreover, they are not impeded by too many objects, information details or elements.

Simple and yet informative feedback form

2. Create clear labels

Ensure that the form is visually clear. Insert each label next to the field it corresponds to so the user will need to spend less time understanding it. This will help him or her complete the form in the least amount of time and avoid unnecessary effort and frustration.

3. Avoid any field restrictions

As mentioned in the first section of our list, an ideal feedback form should be clear and easy to use. Let your customer finish filling out the form without answering 1-2 optional questions you originally wanted to have the answers for. After all, providing feedback is not what customers must necessarily do but is rather an act of favor.

4. Don’t forget to optimize your forms for a mobile device

Ensuring your form is mobile-friendly simply translates to it being responsive to different screen resolutions. Some of the ways to check the responsiveness of your form is by using some well-known online tools including Google Mobile Friendly Test, Mobiletest.me, Responsinator and many others.

5. Study the customers’ behavior using the feedback submission form

Want to improve your feedback submission page? Trying to find the areas of your form the users might be struggling with? If the answer to those questions is “yes”, you might want to take a look at the Web Analytics tools that are currently on the Web. Some good examples to start with are Open Web Analytics and Piwik .

6. Use short and understandable sentences

Visual optimization and navigation are not the only areas your form should be designed around. The way how you form sentences in your questions is also import. Therefore, when it comes to formulating the latter, try to avoid long phrases and forget about any unnecessary usage of jargon and complicated technical forms.

7. Include only the most important questions

Avoid inserting any unnecessary questions which will not have a clear goal of getting more information about the products your customer is using.

Also ask for information you did not know before. The whole point of doing that is to find out the kind of user behavior you did not initially expect. The best way to accomplish this is to use the “other comments” field where users will be able to write their opinions in sentences rather than having to choose an answer from the multiple choice field(s).

Creating optimized forms for a Magento store

Are you a Magento store owner who is looking to extract a maximum amount of benefits from its feedback forms? Is lack of information from your market research preventing you from becoming a dominant power on the market? If this is indeed the case, why don’t you look at some Magento 2 Form Builder extensions which are currently available on the web? Build custom forms of a different formats and sizes with a few clicks of your mouse!

Magento 2 Form Builder Extension

Magento 2 Form Builder Extension

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