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Posted By:  Ecommerce Exchange on 05/29/2018 in Security

How Adaptive Cybersecurity Will Transform Consumer Device Protection

How Adaptive Cybersecurity Will Transform Consumer Device Protection

While many millennials can’t imagine a world without Netflix, the truth is that there was a time when movie-rental giant Blockbuster ran the show. However, when Netflix entered the scene in the late ‘90s and began offering consumers a simpler way to watch movies, television programs and more at the touch of a button, consumers quickly ditched the old way of doing things and embraced the Netflix way of life. Fast forward 20 years, and its cloud-based model allows Netflix to constantly add new features and content without interruption, meeting the changing needs of consumers every day.

Today, 54 percent of U.S. adults have Netflix in their household – and Blockbuster is now almost completely obsolete. The key difference between these two companies? Adaptation. While Blockbuster stuck with the way things had always been done, Netflix looked beyond the product to explore how they could offer a service that would be easy to use and understand and could be personalized to consumer needs.

With 83 percent of businesses seeing a change in how consumers prefer to access goods and services, consumption models are shifting across all industries. Why should cybersecurity protection be exempt from becoming more convenient and efficient to buy and use? The time has come for the cybersecurity industry to shift away from a boxed, one-size-fits-all model of antivirus protection, towards offering adaptive technology that can fit the needs of any and every consumer.

What is Adaptive Cybersecurity?

Every internet user needs some form of online protection – yet, end users will vary in age, geography, behavior and the cyber threat landscape to which they are exposed. For instance, college students, who are using the internet for almost everything - research, entertainment, purchases, socializing -  have different protection needs when compared to their grandparents, whose daily internet usage is slim by comparison and likely require a simpler security solution. Regardless of demographic, consumer needs also regularly evolve; when a parent purchases their child’s first connected device, they may want to turn on parental control features in their security software which they have not previously needed.

“Adaptive Cybersecurity” is the concept that a security solution can address constantly changing user needs by responding in real-time to user behaviors, context, life events and beyond. When a user connects their phone to public Wi-Fi, the security solution can recommend turning on a VPN. If a massive phishing scam is circulating through email, the security solution can send an alert to users warning them not to click on the suspicious link.

A constant barrage of ransomware attacks, phishing scams and data breaches jeopardize consumer security and privacy every day. Modern security software must be equipped to handle the ever-changing cyber threat landscape, giving consumers peace of mind that all of their devices are protected, all the time.

How Does This Simplify Security?

The idea of security that can protect against cyber threats on-demand may sound complicated for both consumers and the businesses selling these solutions. However, this concept would not be effective without making security easier on both ends of the spectrum.

Rather than purchasing a shopping cart full of different solutions to protect each device, adaptive security is most effective when offered through a security suite that manages protection across consumers’ phones, computers, tablets and other devices. Adding new devices, changing settings or checking in on the security status of various devices should be as simple as logging on to Netflix.

Through a cloud-based service model, consumers do not need to independently manage their security solution on each device to enjoy all the latest product features. Instead, product updates, information on emerging threats and other real-time updates can be deployed to all of a subscriber’s devices instantly through the cloud, ensuring that consumers are constantly protected without sacrificing convenience. Flexibility and adaptability are important components of any technology, and cybersecurity solutions should adhere to the same approach.

Positive customer experiences are also key to a successful adaptive cybersecurity model, and a significant factor in this equation is customer support. With consumers expecting their cybersecurity service on-demand, companies must also have easily accessible technical representatives available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. In addition, consumers should feel empowered with self-service tools, which allow live representatives to better assist with more complex issues. Ultimately, a positive relationship between the company and end user is required in order to for customers to reap the full benefits of an adaptive security suite.

In any industry, companies must remain innovative and adapt to market needs to thrive. We live in a world where everything is available on-demand, and security should be no different. Cybersecurity firms must take note and implement this trend, to avoid becoming the next Blockbuster of modern times.

About the Author
As vice president of consumer sales, Kaspersky Lab North America, Brian Anderson is responsible for leading the company’s digital transformation strategy, which includes setting sales strategies to maximize business to consumer business opportunities within the region. Brian brings nearly 25 years of technology, marketing and management experience to Kaspersky Lab. Prior to joining the company in 2017, he served as vice president of digital strategy and innovation at Avid Technology. He has also held leadership roles at Progress Software, Philips Electronics and ISOBAR, a global digital agency. Brian holds an MBA from Babson College and a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Northeastern University.

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