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Posted By:  Moving Brands on 12/19/2017 in Marketing

How a New Identity Is Promoting a Secure, Global Internet For All

How a New Identity Is Promoting a Secure, Global Internet For All

This year saw an important milestone for the Internet Society, the organisation on a mission to bring the benefits of the Internet to all people.

As it approached its quarter century anniversary, the organisation identified a need to extend its sphere of influence and grow its valuable legion of supportive members. However, its identity was outdated and did not clearly reflect its advocacy-based work, its global community and its strategic direction.

In short: the Internet Society needed to update its identity and website to better communicate what it stands for and the powerful impact of its work.

Having worked with some of the world’s leading names, including eight of the ten most valuable tech companies in the world, such as Facebook and Apple, we have somewhat of a reputation for turning out high quality, high impact design for the digital sector. Our team was honoured when an organisation as prestigious as the Internet Society approached us to refresh its brand.

This is the kind of project that gets us genuinely excited here at Moving Brands - a worthy business with a real story to tell, which has a shed load of important, interesting people involved, and a challenge we can meet head on, with a solution that packs a punch.

We set to work. First, we had to clarify the Internet Society’s story, which would not just inform our rework of the brand, but would also give us strong direction for the content required for the redesigned website.

The Internet Society exists to champion an Internet that is open, globally connected, secure and accessible for everyone, so we needed to make this ethos part of its fabric. With Internet pioneers as its founders and 25 years of experience working to promote the development and use of the Internet, the organisation was at a turning point. One thing we were crystal clear on: in order to truly capture the spirit and create something that their community could own, we needed to involve its members from the start.

We started by interviewing 40 individuals from the organisation’s global community, asking them to put into words what the Internet Society does. The diversity of responses we got through this exercise just served to highlight the enormity of the task in hand for us. We needed to craft a cohesive, simple narrative to explain the impact and importance of the Internet Society’s work that all the members could get behind.

The next step was to create a blog showcasing the various design routes we had developed, with some video footage that walked users through how the different options would work in practice. We sent this out to their community of 100,000 members, so that they could all have a stake in telling the Internet Society’s story.

Building on the intention to remodel the brand and its assets based on the core values of the organisation, we developed our recommendations to incorporate openness and accessibility as much as possible. We chose an open source font, and a bold, inclusive colour palette inspired by the world around us.

In terms of providing access to the new identity guidelines, we removed password protected areas wherever possible, choosing to make as much of the online identity centre accessible to the masses. This move, as an example of one of the benefits, saw the new guidelines become completely open.

We recognised that there was some inherent value within the original brand mark, so we reworked it while retaining some design elements, giving it a new lease on life to ensure it helped to tell the brand story and represented the diversity of the organisation.

The end result is an open access identity with the ability for interpretation by the organisation’s chapters, subject to the adherence to provided brand parameters. This includes guidance on digital content including editorial style and tone of voice, to facilitate the coherent communication of the complexity of the organisation’s work around the world.

The brand refresh was respectful of the Internet Society’s heritage, whilst providing the organisation with an open, accessible identity that will help them on their valuable mission for the next 25 years.

Author: Minni Lakotieva

Minni Lakotieva is principal consultant at Moving Brands, an independent creative company with studios in San Francisco, New York, London and Zurich. Established in 1998, it enables businesses to transform their brand to flourish in the moving world. Along with dynamic start-ups, Moving Brands works with some of the world’s leading names including eight of the 10 most valuable tech brands. For details see www.movingbrands.com

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