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Posted By:  ECT News Network on 07/08/2017 in Enterprise Software

Consumers Will Pay to Be Pleased

Consumers Will Pay to Be Pleased

A recent Capgemini consumer survey found that eighty percent of participants said they would pay more for a better customer experience, and 9 percent were willing to pay up to 50 percent more.

Researchers polled 3,300 customers of 125 companies in the utilities, consumer products, retail, retail banking, and Internet-based services sectors.

Respondents included 450 senior executives from customer experience, customer service, IT, marketing and sales departments at 150 companies.

The survey included participants from Australia, China, France, Germany, India, the Netherlands, the UK and the United States.

Capgemini used the industry-standard Net Promoter Score, or NPS -- an index ranging from minus-100 to plus-100 -- to measure the willingness of customers to recommend a company's products or services.

Capgemini's Digital Transformation Institute created a DCX index based on the evaluations of organizations across 80 different digital experience attributes, ranging from the ability to view and edit personal data to personalizing products and services on mobile devices.

Although 75 percent of business representatives believed their companies were customer-centric, only 30 percent of consumers viewed companies that way, the study found.

Utilities and consumer products companies were the most out of sync with their customers, while Internet service companies and their customers were most in step, setting the bar for other organizations, Capgemini found.

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