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Posted By:  NewVoiceMedia on 08/10/2017 in Enterprise Software

Are customer expectations outpacing your business?

Are customer expectations outpacing your business?

Mobile and social technology have made customers more powerful than ever before. They have instant access to information on products and price, motivating businesses to focus on customer experience as a way of retaining customers vs. pricing alone. According to Forrester, 72% of businesses say that improving the customer experience is their top priority. 

Customers who experience positive, personalized interactions with their preferred suppliers feel more engaged, fueling the possibility of future business. Customers want to engage using their channel of choice (voice, email, social, mobile, etc.).  They expect their questions answered and problems solved quickly, ideally all through highly personalized interactions. So how are organizations addressing these requirements and expectations?

The answer is digital transformation.

While “digital transformation” may just sound like a buzzword, it describes the fundamental shift in attitude needed to survive. Brian Solis, one of the digital experts writing about this phenomenon, defines digital transformation as “the evolution (or revolution) of business philosophy, processes, models and systems to compete in a digital economy. Technology is and isn’t the answer to change.”

What’s interesting here is that you can’t just throw technology at the problem; the answer lies more in how you use and think about new technology — it’s the way you let new technology shape your business, the same way it shapes the lives of your customers.

Businesses need to be competing as much for relevance as they are for market share. This begins with fixing things that don’t appear to be broken. Start by assessing the way your customers interact with you online and via mobile devices. How do they browse your site, and how do they get in touch? Your business processes should always be in line with how customers behave now — not last year.

To use just one example: Social media is constantly evolving, and the way customers might interact with your brand is evolving too. As new forms of social media pop up or new features get added to existing platforms, a new way of browsing or communicating becomes possible.

Digital customer experience

Customers want to be able to choose how and when they get in touch. And when they do reach out to you, they want you to remember them from their last contact — whether this was over Twitter or on the phone.

In short, they want a seamless and personalized omni-channel experience in every way — and you need tools that can help you deliver it. Such tools should be able to provide a complete customer overview as well as support intelligent call routing that takes customers to the most appropriate agent. Especially when delivered in a cloud SaaS model, such contact insight tools are designed to help you adapt to today’s customer.

Adapting to survive

So, is your business able to evolve, or will it die out? That’s a question every CEO should be asking.

Altimeter Group interviewed some of the biggest companies in the world to find out how they intended to stay ahead. Of those interviewed, 88% said they were planning a formal digital transformation — and 68% said that changing company culture was the top priority. However, only 25% of businesses had actually mapped out a digital customer journey, with 17% of companies at the beginning of studying this process.

This kind of research is essential. Customers don’t see departments; they see a brand. As a result, you need to ensure your customer experience is seamless across multiple channels — and this means omni-channel customer service.

For more on the latest customer service technology, read NewVoiceMedia’s  whitepaper “Cloud Contact Centers: What to look for and how to choose.”

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