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Posted By:  Ecommerce Exchange on 10/13/2017 in Artificial Intelligence

AI-Driven Mobile Chatbots Point to More Proficient Customer Service

AI-Driven Mobile Chatbots Point to More Proficient Customer Service

A new web chat application from Helpshift uses artificial intelligence to help companies release scalable chatbots that can automate customer service through real-time interactions.

The new AI-based tool released earlier this month will enable Helpshift's customers to provide enterprise-grade support to their customers, according to the firm, which specializes in mobile customer support for the gaming industry.

"We have taken our mobile expertise and built a mobile-first conversational chat experience with built-in AI chatbots to drive huge efficiency gains in large-scale chat operations," said CSO Abinash Tripathy and CTO Baishampayan Ghose.

Web chat applications for the desktop have existed for years, they noted, but they typically utilized a synchronous phone call-like service that placed customers in a queue, essentially putting them on hold until a customer service agent entered the conversation.

Bringing in robotics and AI will help free human agents from having to answer questions that previously may have been answered, suggested Tripathy and Ghose, who pointed to data indicating that simple things like frequently asked questions could deflect 50-to-70 percent of customer queries.

About the App

The web chat application allows routing of questions based on priority, skill and availability. It also allows prioritization of customer questions based on whether the customer is a premium user, on the value of items in the shopping cart, or on the status of an airline or hotel reservation.

It gives agents a 360-degree view of customer interactions -- for example, allowing them to view all prior chat history -- and provides other customized data from a CRM system.

Helpshift's web chat interface has a look and feel similar to Facebook Messenger or Apple iMessage, with functions including typing indicators, chat avatars, and send and received receipts, according to the company.

Helpshift chatbot types include:

  • An Answer Bot, which matches questions to relevant FAQs, sometimes negating the need for an agent;
  • A GetInfo Bot, which prompts users to enter their name, email and other information, so the agent doesn't need to request it; and
  • A Customer Satisfaction bot, which monitors customer satisfaction immediately following resolution of the issue.

Customers also will be able to develop their own customized bots.

Read more about how this AI-based web chat app can meet the needs of increasing demand for faster customer service on mobile devices, and analysts reactions in the entire article on the CRM Buyer.

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