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Posted By:  Adeptia Inc. on 05/10/2018 in Marketing

5 Ways to Keep the Content Engine Humming

5 Ways to Keep the Content Engine Humming

A good content strategy not only helps organizations in reaching the target audience, but also creates top of the mind brand recall. Smart companies like Amazon, Starbucks, Asian Paints, etc., are thriving successfully by leveraging content that calibrates experiences and simplifies path to purchase. Similarly, improving the content engine will be the priority of many organizations, but issues percolating from the past approaches can make the benefits disappear from their radar. Simply squandering the money on content generation can do more harm than good. The performance, longevity, and value of your content engine will be defined by a robust strategy.

Here are some industry proven practices to keep the content engine humming:

Personalize the Content: Personalization holds a special meaning and it takes a brand to the next level. A recent survey by Adobe and Econsultancy concluded that personalized content is critical to the success of an online strategy. Tailored information as per users needs, helps organizations in penetrating a competitive market and building a stronger customer base. Interactions become faster and customer satisfaction increases significantly.

Focus on Exclusivity: Exclusivity fans the flames of curiosity among target users and urges them to click the call-to- action button. Exclusive information successfully captures the interest of users in just few seconds. It also amuses and challenges users to come back to the site. The content development team should view its content as a solution to solve typical problems. That’s what good websites do, they deliver exclusive content to audience on solving problems and simplifying business & lives. Other organizations can make the content more exclusive by making it more relevant, informative and fact based.

Handpick the Marketing Technologies: Just generating good content is not enough, it should be disseminated through proper marketing channels. Advanced marketing technologies are helping marketing teams in simplifying this part. Organizations using conventional word docs and adhoc plagiarism & grammar checkers will be left behind in dust by their competitors with advanced martech. Start-to- end content marketing technologies are helping companies in curating, creating, managing, and distributing the content effectively. Organizations should evaluate their use cases and look out for the right mix of technologies for content marketing. Marketing leaders should ensure that a certain amount of their budget is allocated for marketing technologies.

Prepare an Integration Strategy Beforehand: In 2018, digital transformation will move from theory to practice. There will be an increase in IT complexity and businesses will struggle hard in delivering an integrated content marketing experience. Seamless integration between marketing channels and customer lifecycle will be needed to disseminate content smoothly and monitor its performance. Organizations need to set up a full lifecycle contact system for integrating machine learning, social media with other marketing technologies. This will also help brands in auditing and correcting content related issues from one central platform.

Ensure Adherence to Compliances: General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is looming. Marketing teams will be under a greater pressure to market content safely with adherence to compliance. Organizations can face damages for negligence or breach in the data of data subjects. To avoid penalties, organizations need to raise the marketing standards and restructure their marketing approaches. The IT and data security teams should be looped to create guidelines for content generation and dissemination.

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