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Posted By:  Ecommerce Exchange on 01/02/2019 in Artificial Intelligence

5 Ways to Generate More Leads with Live Chat Software

5 Ways to Generate More Leads with Live Chat Software

By Sam Makad 

Lead generation is a constant conversation among entrepreneurs. According to a HubSpot marketing report, 65% of businesses reveal that generating leads is their biggest problem. Like a thorn in the flesh, it’s a cause for concern. The sustenance of your business is in jeopardy without continuous leads.

Many online entrepreneurs spend much time and resources generating traffic. Unbeknownst to them, high traffic doesn’t equal revenue. How you manage your traffic creates opportunities for prospects to attain the highly revered position of leads.

What are the best tools you can use to generate leads?

In an eMarketer report, 63% of customers disclose that they return to a website that has live chat. Live chat software is designed to enhance the online business experience. Artificial intelligence (AI) technology creates opportunities for customer engagement and conversion.

Let’s take a look at effective ways to generate leads with live chat.

1. Prioritize the Mobile Experience

Google, rolled out its drums for mobile-first indexing in December 2017. This reaffirmed the significance of mobile browsing.

We live in a fast-paced society. Life is happening at high speed, and everyone is moving to keep up with it. Desktop and laptop computers may not be totally extinct yet, but many people don’t subscribe to sitting in front of a computer just to surf the Internet.

Modern day living presents many activities to tick off each day. Despite the counterproductivity of multi-tasking, it’s a necessary evil. Customers want to be able to make inquiries online in between other tasks. If you aren’t able to provide this opportunity without the traditional mobile chat software that takes forever to load, they use the exit door.

According to Jody Nimetz Co., Google generates 96% of mobile search traffic. With its mobile-first indexing, you must offer a good mobile experience. Follow the people you serve wherever they go by providing mobile live chat software on your website. It shows that you are reliable - and that’s one quality visitors need to be assured of before pitching their tent with you.

2. Always Be On Time

Real-time assistance is the bane of modern customer service. You could have the most competent support team, but if they aren’t always on time, their competence is questionable.

Support queues are every customer’s nightmare. In the face of an issue, a second feels like a minute, and a minute feels like an hour. Prolonging the duration of their waiting builds a perception about your service before you show up.

Live chat software is right in the face of the customer on your website. They don’t have to look further to make an inquiry. There’s no waiting. Queues are non-existent.

Built with artificial intelligence (AI), live chat collects data on customer activities on your site. This data comes up when a customer reaches out for assistance. With the information available to you, support agents are able to relate to the customer on a familiar note, so customers’ complaints or inquiries won’t be foreign to them.

MyCustomer reveals that 32% of customer agents lack sufficient knowledge to resolve customer inquiries. Nothing makes a customer more frustrated than dealing with an incompetent support agent. Beyond responding to customers immediately, live chat avails you the right information to resolve customer issues competently.

3. Increase Conversion Rates

Ever been indecisive about two or more similar products? This is quite common when shopping. Unlike physical stores where customers can easily ask sales reps for unique product information to help make decisions, customers are often left all by themselves online.

Don’t make it easy for customers to exit your website.

Installing live chat software comes very handy when visitors are indecisive about a purchase. 83% of customers admit to needing assistance during their online buying journey. With a visible live chat icon on your site, they can easily reach out to you for instant information about the most suitable product. Abandoned cart rates will reduce drastically when doubts are resolved.

4. Personalize the Customer Experience

Live chat is wired to track and record customer behavior on your site. This information enhances your understanding of your customers.

Interaction is another avenue to learn more about your visitors. All of this data can be analyzed afterward for lead nurturing.

Personalization is a core element of an effective digital marketing strategy. Customer data can be streamlined to create customer personas that reflect their individuality. Advanced live chat software has built-in monitoring features that give detailed information about your visitors; including location, web pages used, traffic sources, number of site visits and the duration of time spent on web pages.

5. Achieve More with Less Cost

Growth – this is the one thing all businesses desire. If your business is still in its early stages, nothing else trumps having more customers as they are vital to the growth process.

There are the latest apps and technologies on the market to spur business growth. But often times they are beyond the financial strength of small and medium-sized companies that need to save as much money as possible.

There’s no guarantee that a costlier marketing software is efficient. It could all be hype. Live chat is a technology that has been tested. Rather than spending scarce resources on tools that aren’t guaranteed, you can get great results at affordable rates.


Leads abound online. But it takes more than good products to get them. Many of your competitors offer the same products or services, if not better. Think of out-of-the-box strategies to capture interest and keep prospects hooked throughout the sales process.

Live chat empowers you to stay a step ahead of the competition. There are no closing hours for online businesses. While you are having a good night's sleep after a long day, your live chat software should be at work attending to your visitors 24/7.

About the Author
Sam Makad is an experienced writer and marketing consultant. His expertise is marketing, customer experience and advertising. Sam helps small & medium enterprises to grow their business and overall ROI. You can follow him on Twitter and Facebook.

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