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Posted By:  ECT News Network on 07/06/2017 in Marketing Software / Services

4 Marketing Strategies That Can Boost B2B Sales

4 Marketing Strategies That Can Boost B2B Sales

Four business-marketing strategies can boost business-to-business sales conversion rates by up to 25 percentage points, according to the results of a survey recently released by Altman Vilandrie.

However, only 15 percent of businesses fully take advantage of them.

Nonetheless, businesses that do utilize these strategies sometimes fail to maximize sales conversions because of a lack of coordination and integration.

The four strategies are:

  • standardizing lead handoffs;
  • employing lead scoring;
  • creating detailed customer maps; and
  • coordinating between sales and marketing departments.

Researchers polled 190 B2B marketing decision makers at U.S. companies with annual revenues of at least US$100 million.

They also interviewed B2B marketers and relied on the industry experience of the firm's own consultants for the study.

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